Streamline your vehicle insurance claims processes.

Whether you have a device and need support to manage and act on the generated data, or you need an end-to-end solution from device to driver intervention, we offer a solution that can be tailored to your needs.

Our market leading platform and our insight into telematics will not only help you to accurately manage your risks but also help improve your loss ratio.

Whether your focus is application fraud or reducing claims costs, adopting telematics into your business models doesn’t mean investing in expensive systems or hardware.

Our unique platform can revolutionise your claims process and how you manage risk.

Streamline your vehicle insurance claims processes with our detailed on-demand incident reports, compiled by our customised telematics technology. By detecting true incidents, our solutions give you the opportunity to provide near-instant support to a customer in need.



Enhanced crash-alert algorithm detecting true incidents.

Our enhanced crash-alert algorithm detects true incidents and can identify false ones. These can be fed directly to your FNOL team to start the claims process immediately, allowing you to keep claims costs to a minimum whilst supporting your customer in need.


Interact with telematics customers to give them feedback on their behaviour.

We design customer specific intervention strategies to identify high risk drivers and those not abiding by the statements in their policy. This helps you to potentially avoid exposure to a claim and also assists in deciding how to handle these risks during the life of the policy and at renewal.


Our scoring approach will help you detect unusual driving behaviour

Our scoring approach will help you to detect unusual driving behaviour, enabling you to identify the higher risk customers; this will give you the ability to actively manage your risks.

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