First notification of loss

Our enhanced crash-alert algorithm detects true incidents and can identify false ones. These can be fed direct to your FNOL team to start the claims process immediately.



Claims Management

We deliver rapid and accurate insight in the event of a claim. We recreate the accident for you! Automatically generated claims reports are accessible on demand via our customer portal. We are partnered with a leading national claims management company, giving you the option to outsource your claims handling.


Driver intervention

We design customer specific intervention strategies to identify high risk drivers and those not abiding by the statements in their policy. This helps you to potentially avoid exposure to a claim and also assists in deciding how to handle these risks at renewal.


Validation and fraud

We provide MI so you can verify application details and tackle dishonesty early in the policy life cycle.


Risk scoring

Our scoring approach will help you to detect unusual driving behaviour, enabling you to identify the higher risk customers; this will give you the ability to actively manage your risks.