Insure Telematics Solutions is dedicated to supporting any telematics proposition.

Whether you have a device and need support to manage and act on the generated data, or you need an end-to-end solution from device to driver intervention, we are an ideal partner. Our flexible model and insight into telematics will not only help you to accurately manage your risks, but will also help improve your loss ratio.

Device agnostic

Data can be collected through a hard wired device, a dashboard device, a smartphone app or as part of a car’s in-built computer system. Whatever the data source, we can create meaningful management information to help you understand your risk.



We have a range of device solutions we can offer from hard wired to self-installed.



Adopting telematics into your business models or schemes won’t involve investing in expensive systems or hardware. We can offer a complete solution tailored to your business and customers.

flexible application

Flexible applications

Whether your focus is application fraud, or reducing claims costs, we will work with you to create your bespoke telematics proposition.

theft tracking

Theft tracking

We offer a 24/7 theft tracking service, providing the police with instant accurate vehicle movements to assist them with vehicle recovery.